Reward system for employees

Good employees are hard to find. This makes it all the more important to keep them. Our system allows employees to earn points and exchange them for freely configurable rewards.

Reward system for employees
Easy to configure, great effect


Points account for employees

Employees receive points for the duration of their service. You can also award manual rewards, which you can tie to goals, for example.


Configurable rewards

In the shop you set freely configurable rewards. The system manages one-time purchases, subscriptions or individualized rewards such as company phones or vouchers.


Adaptable to your business

You like the basic system but still need extensions or adjustments? No problem, just ask – we can personalize the system for you.

What exactly is this system?

Every good boss knows that employees are the company’s most important asset. Many companies now struggle to find, let alone keep, employees at all. So what can you do as a good boss?

We have developed a system that allows you to create a special incentive for your employees. The system is based on the idea of so-called “gamification”, i.e. that elements from games create additional motivation. One of these elements are “Levels”. The longer an employee is in your company, the higher their level. Level ascents can be accompanied, for example, by milestones, such as “trial period passed” or “1 year with us”. With each level-up, the employee gets points. However, points can also be awarded manually, for example for successful projects or a successful sale.

Your employee can then exchange the points in the system’s shop for rewards of their choice. You decide what rewards there are and how many points they cost. The shop, levels and points are fully configurable. There is even a system to make longer-term rewards (subscriptions) possible – for example, train tickets, which are usually only valid for one year. The employee sees in his account what level he has, how many points are in his balance and which subscriptions are currently active. In addition, he receives a warning email before a subscription expires, so that there are no interruptions in critical matters such as bus and train tickets.

In the admin area, you or your HR department can see who has which level and how many points. Automatic reminder emails are also sent to the appropriate people before level-ups or subscriptions end. For the finance department, there is a settlement table including CSV export, so that the tax settlement of the rewards is extremely simplified.

The view for employees

Leider bieten wir das Mitarbeiter-Motivationssystem nicht mehr an.

Lieber Kunde,

vielen Dank für das Interesse an unserem Mitarbeiter-Motivations-System. Wir haben das System vor ein paar Jahren entwickelt um die spezifischen Anforderungen eines einzelnen Kunden zu erfüllen. Leider entwickeln wir das System nicht mehr weiter.

Sollte bei dir ein Interesse bestehen, ein angepasstes System für deine Anforderungen zu entwickeln, nimm gerne Kontakt mit uns auf.