Our startups

We have a different methodology compared to other agencies. Once we find motivated founders with good ideas, we build startups with them and support with technologies and consulting. Why? This forces us to improve ourselves and our abilities. This way our customers directly benefit from our founding experience.

Consistently improving
Why do we found?

The original idea of the key – technology was never to be just a software agency. A software agency sells their time. Oftentimes agencies only ever work with certain technologies and don’t improve themselves.

Our founders come from the world of startups and approached the whole “running an agency” differently: why not offer the startup know how to other companies and potentially become co-founders? This idea we’ve realized with several companies.

What does that mean for our “normal” customers? They get to enjoy actually. modern technologies and methods. Startups are the innovation leaders world wide. This means satisfying high expecations regarding quality and technology. This way we’re constantly improving our skills.

Our founding philosophy
What and with who are we founding?

A successful company needs the right founders. We don’t found with everyone, but only with founders who bring a certain drive. The industry doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if the business is B2B or B2C – if it’s about satisfying customers utilizing modern technology, we are the right partners.

We also support in fundraising and building pitchdecks. Our developers can be confidently presented to investors.

Successful companies
Our startups

Bringing the forest to the table
Waldgourmet - Wild game meat directly from hunter to customer

Together with an old colleague of Karl’s we started Waldgourmet – the brand for fresh and healthy wild game meat. Wild game meat is not only delicious, it’s also more sustainable than meat from mass production. It doesn’t matter if you are ecologically minded or not – it’s a delicious and honest product. Our produce is never frozen, it’s butchered fresh and to order, before being sent to the customer.

Waldgourmet has the great benefit of being directly hunter to customer. That allows us to lower the prices for the customer and also to pay the hunter in a more fair way. We can also offer products that a normal butcher doesn’t have access to – for instance 100% wild game meat liver wurst.

Developing people
thekey.community - Germany's most popular business coach education (IHK certified)

This is what “the key” truly stands for. Together with old school friends we started germany’s most popular business coach education. The education is part of the the key – group

The coaching and training market is intransparent and full of snake oil salesmen. The problem: “Coaching” is not a protected term. Everone can call themselves “coach”, even if they don’t have any qualifications. To solve this problem we partnered with the IHK to offer a certified coaching education. The IHK is Germany’s official certification agency for all kinds of business certificates. This way the classes are independently certified and checked for quality.

Developing people
thekey.academy - fully digital interactive classes with an IHK certificate

In-person classes were next to impossible in the year 2020. Even in normal times it’s oftentimes difficult and expensive to attend multi-day seminars. We digitized the IHK certificate.

thekey.academy is an learning app that allows to get IHK certified, completly digital. And no, the course isn’t just long videos and oldschool content. We completely revamped the content for the digital age. You can learn at any time and on any device – on your computer, on android or on iOS. Several hours of video content, combined with a high degree of interactive elements are the basis for a digital certification test and a real certificate.

thekey.academy is part of the the key – group.

Found with us!
You have an idea and you want to found?

If you want to do it right from the beginning – found with us. We offer founding know-how and experiences in a multitude of software technologies and methods.