Training Management System

When it comes to educating your employees nothing beats training and coaching. These are particularly difficult to organize in large companies. Our system makes training management so much simpler.

Training Management System
Flexible, easy to use, completely web-based


Extensive training management features

Our system manages courses and course schedules, trainer profiles, preparation emails, participation management and all other topics that usually cause headaches.


Relieves the HR department

Almost all processes that are normally part of the course planning, whether waiting lists or compulsory courses, are automatically managed. The HR department is noticeably relieved.


Adaptable to your business

Do you need the system with a special integration into your intranet? Or do you need other critical features? No problem, we adapt it to your needs.

What exactly does the booking system do?

If you, as an entrepreneur, value employee education, you are usually faced with an enormous overhead from managing a large number of employees.

We have developed a system to eliminate all this overhead and to automate many annoying tasks in the planning of training courses. The system enables youy to plan complexcourses, including compulsory courses, repeating courses and course groups. The system automatically manages logins, preparation emails, follow-up emails, reminders and the whole head ache that is waiting lists. The HR department only has to input the courses into the system, that’s it!

Trainer profiles can be created so that the trainers can log into the admin area on their own. This allows the trainers to manage their own courses independently and, for example, to check attendance.

The system is currently integrated into the Confluence Document Management System. Integrations into other systems are easy to develop – just ask.

The system is completely web-based and can be hosted either by us or in your own corporate IT. If you need adjustments, we will make them for you. Solve the training issue in your company – do it right from the beginning.

The view for course planning
Courses can run according to complex schedules