About the key - technology

We are an agency – but not in the classical sense. Our history in the startup world influences every aspect of our work. Even our goals.

The founders
Who's behind the key - technology?

the key – technology was founded in 2014 by two old school friends: Daniel Rockenstein and Karl Kroeber:

Daniel Rockenstein went to german trade school for computer science and worked several years in process optimization at a large Berlin-based pharmaceutical company. Karl Kroeber studied computer science and afterwards worked in automative and several Berlin city startups as teamlead and software architect.

We started 2014 as an online marketing agency and built website for gyms and physical therapists. 2018 we pivoted and went back to the things we were really good at: software development. Since then we support customers whenever they need any type of software- or app development. The benefit: Our online marketing knowledge enables a more holistic view.

Now we work with large pharmaceutical companies, real estate companies, companies in the adult education sector and startups.

RIght from the beginning
What does the key - technology stand for?

We have one motto: right from the beginning – but what does that mean? The motto doesn’t stand for “be perfectionist” or “hyperoptimization”. We are with Donald Knuth: “premature optimization is the root of all evil”. We develop softare our customers really need – based on their requirements, their ideas and their budget.

Every work we do is prefaced by a detailed requirements analysis. In our Requirements Engineering Workshops we make sure that we fully understand our customer’s requirements. Also, that the customer actually understands their own requirements! And that before writing a single line of code. Only this way we can make sure to solve the actual problem. That’s why customers come to us: to actually solve their problems.

We work methodically, analytically and with modern technologies.

Zooming out...
Our other companies

As stated in the beginning, we’re not a classical agency. Our goal never was to just sell our time or our know-how. We always wanted to develop our own products and build other companies with our skills and ideas.

With old friends from school we founded the key – community: Germany’s most popular business coach education – certified by the IHK Contrary to our co-founders we’re not from the education sector. But we could support them with our technological knowledge and this way we built a successful company that allows our customers to grow professionally and personally. A great feeling!

Together with an old colleague of Karl’s we started Waldgourmet – the brand for fresh and healthy wild game meat. Wild game meat is not only delicious, it’s also more sustainable than meat from mass production. It doesn’t matter if you are ecologically minded or not – it’s a delicious and honest product. We are proud to be  a part of the Waldgourmet founding team.

2019 we started our own first product: teemu.de – a software to manage trainings. More products will follow.

Work with us!
Your skill is what we need!

You are living our philosophy “right from the beginning” – join us! We have great company culture, interesting projects, a very flexible work environment and future-proof projects. Currently we’re looking for:

A full stack developer (React / Scala) – full time remote