software development

If you are planning a complex custom development project, we are the perfect partner. We are masters at a variety of disciplines and can solve (almost) any problem – no matter the system or programming language.

software development
Don't tinker around - do it right from the beginning


Modern technology

We employ different programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby and many more. We’re also familiar with frameworks like React, Angular, PlayFramework, WordPress, NodeJS and many more.


Experienced developers

We have many years of experience with client/server architectures as well as various web services. Our expertise comes from real work experience in German SMEs and Berlin city startups.


Flexible remuneration

We offer a wide range of remuneration models. You can pay normally, whether in installments or in a sum. However, we also offer payment via company shares and revenue participations.

Development of the key technology

Creating a professional website is the first step in the success of your business. Sometimes, however, this is not enough:

You may be thinking about developing a complex portal, but simple WordPress plugins no longer fill all the requirements. You may also have an idea for a program or web application that doesn’t exist yet. Professional software development can open many doors for you. This is where the key technology comes in.

No matter what software ideas you have: you need developers and programmers who are familiar with the typical programming languages and frameworks. In short, with us you can do it right from the beginning.

We employ various programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Java, Scala, Ruby and more

We are also very familiar with frameworks such as React, Angular, PlayFramework, NodeJS and many more

We have 10+ years experience with client/server architectures, SaaS and other service architectures.

Deployment in the cloud, automatic testing, build pipelines and more are part of our portfolio

This is our process

Regardless of whether you already know the specific requirements of your project or would like to know how best to solve your problem: Our software developers will help in both cases, because after all, the requirements analysis is an important part of our work.

That’s why we first sit down with you and determine what requirements actually exist for software development. Don’t worry about incomprehensible developer talk! Our developers speak normal english and they’re specialized in talking to non-developers. This will enable us to fully grasp your problems and work with you to find a solution that you’re comfortable with.

Once the course is clear, we will develop your application for you. Throughout the process, you benefit from:

  1. agile software development: You will receive regular feedback on the status of the development and can bring in change requests and extensions
  2. using modern technologies such as Angular, REST-Apis and others
  3. fluent English and German speaking contacts in the development team
  4. transparent billing via time tracking or project-based flat rates

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