Prototyping for startups

Startups need to quickly prove that their idea works. The best way is to employ high quality development and a clean infrastructure right from the start – this is how you secure funding and save time and money afterwards.

Don't tinker around - do it right from the beginning


We build the MVP

In order to secure funding, you need a minimum Viable Product – a product that convincingly sells your core idea. We analyze with you how this product should look like and develop it.


Quality from the start

Many startups make the mistake of relying on cheaply developed software in the beginning. After the funding, they live with the unmaintainable code for a very long time. An error easy to avoid. Do it right from the beginning!


Flexible remuneration

We offer a wide range of remuneration models. An early stage startup is usually short on cash. We work for normal hourly rates, but also for shares, revenue shares or other models – just ask!