App development

Reach your customers anywhere – on their phone or tablet. Target your customers with interactive and custom apps. We develop high quality apps for IOS and Android

App development
Don't tinker around - do it right from the beginning


The most important systems

With iOS and Android you’re covering almost 100% of the reachable market We develop the apps and manage the publishing and release process.


Experienced developers

We have 10+ years of experience in developing API-integrations and complex software systems. Our expertise comes from real work experience in German SMEs and Berlin city startups.


Flexible remuneration

We offer a wide range of remuneration models. You can pay normally, whether in installments or in a sum. However, we also offer payment via company shares and revenue participations.

App development by the key technology

A professional app has to be developed differently than a website. There’s a different way of thinking involved. We analyze requirements and ascertain how to fully satisfy your customers demands with native apps.

Maybe you want to present your business? Or you need a complex integration with existing infrastructure, for instance for data visualization. Or you want to sell your products in an app, including in-app-purchases and so on. A professional app developer can supercharge your business. This is where the key technology comes in.

Independent what type of app you actually need: you need developers and engineers that are skilled with the technologies and frameworks. In short, with us you can do it right from the beginning.

We develop for Android and iOS, phone or tablet.

We integrate more complex features, like notifications, in-app-purchases, audio/video – everything that customers came to love about mobile apps.

We have 10+ years experience with client/server architectures, SaaS and other service architectures.

We publish to the different stores, we implement automatic testing, build pipelines and everything else thats necessary to flexible update and release your app.

This is how our app development process works

Independent if your already have concrete requirements or you want to find out how to solve a problem the best way: Our developers and their requirement engineering workshops formalize the process in a transparent way.

That’s when we collect and formalize the requirements in fine detail. This way there will be no surprises in your project. Don’t worry about incomprehensible developer talk! Our developers speak normal english and they’re specialized in talking to non-developers. This will enable us to fully grasp your problems and work with you to find a solution that you’re comfortable with.

Once the course is clear, we will develop your application for you. Throughout the process, you benefit from:

  1. agile development processes: You will get regular feedback regarding the status, access to staging environments to experiment with the current status. You can influence the process at any time.
  2. modern technologies and software architecture
  3. fluent English and German speaking contacts in the development team
  4. transparent billing via time tracking or project-based flat rates

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