Perk-System for employees

motivated employees
fully customizable
easy tax-accounting

Motivate your employees with points and levels!

  • Level-system: Employees reach higher levels the longer they stay at your company
  • Give points to employees, automatically or manually (for instance for good sales-performance)
  • You choose the perks your employees can take
  • Fully automated subscription management (for time-sensitive perks)
  • Never miss another work anniversaries - automatic reminders for levels and subscriptions
  • Part-time employees supported
  • Export of all data for accounting and taxes
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What does the system do?

Every good boss knows that employees are the highest-valued resource in any company. Many companies nowadays have trouble finding and retaining new employees. What can you do to give yourself an edge?

We've developed a system which allows you to give employees certain benefits, easy, transparent and fully customizable. We've utilized the ideas of gamification, levels and points to further motivate your employees. The longer someone stays at your company, the higher his or her level will be. Reward for great performance or years at the company using levels or manually assigned points.

The employee can purchase perks in a e-commerce-inspired shop system whenever they want. You define the available perks and their cost. There is even a system in place to track subscriptions, for instance for train or metro tickets (which are usually valid for a limited time). The employee can see all their perks, their levels, their points and subscriptions in their account. There's also automatic reminders if a subscription is about to run out.

The admin backend allows you or your HR department to see all the accounts. They also get an automatic reminder if a user is about to level up or a subscription is running out. The finance department can see and export all their data for accounting and easy tax-declaration.

Sounds great!

The employee view with running subscriptions


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